How to Trade in SteamWorld Build

Cities aren’t easy to build and manage, and a lot of materials and resources are required in order to make it work. SteamWorld Build is just like this, and gamers will have to find a way to generate enough resources for everyone and each building that they have in their city. Since it can be hard to obtain everything at the same time, sometimes it’s beneficial to initiate a trade with another civilization, especially if players have a surplus that they can sell.


SteamWorld Build: How to Get Boards

Here is how players get more boards in SteamWorld Build.

This guide will tell fans everything they need to know about trading in SteamWorld Build, including how to unlock it and how to use it to their advantage in order to make their city thrive.

How to Unlock Trading

repair requirements for the abandoned train station

Players won’t be able to trade as soon as they start their town in SteamWorld Build. Without a working Train Station, the train won’t be able to pass by the city, which means there is no way to trade with the outside world. Gamers must repair the Abandoned Train Station to unlock trading in SteamWorld Build.

To repair the Abandoned Train Station, players must have at least 120 Workers in their city and 4 Boards in their Warehouse. So, they have to build enough Worker Residentials to increase the number of workers and then construct a Forester, a Lumber Mill, and a Warehouse so they can store boards for the repair.

How to Trade

using the train station to trade for scrap

Once the Train Station becomes operational, players will be able to start trading in SteamWorld Build, and they can do so by interacting with the building. Gamers can have up to five trades going at once. To create a trade, they must first select the “+”. Then, they must select which resource they’d like to sell and which resource they’d like to buy.

creating trade at the train station

The trading system will automatically create a fair ratio. For example, if the player wants 1 Charcoal and they’re willing to sell wood for it, they’ll have to give up 5 Wood to receive 1 Charcoal. When satisfied with a trade agreement, players must select Create Trade. The trade will take place as soon as the train stops by the Train Station. Players can take a look at the timer on top of the mini-map to see when they can expect the train to arrive.

The timer starts at five minutes, and the train will arrive once it reaches zero. If you’re playing the game on standard speed, it’ll take five real-life minutes. However, if you’ve sped it up, it will take about half this time.

If they don’t have enough resources to complete these trades, they won’t take place at all. Thankfully, players can update or delete trades at any time. ​​​So, if this is ever the case or, if they simply don’t require a certain resource, they can simply change it up or cancel it altogether.


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December 1, 2023

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