Some Fans Think GTA 6 May Be Teasing An International Location


  • GTA 6 fans speculate a possible secondary location outside of Vice City based on a small Haitian flag seen in the background of a trailer scene.
  • The presence of the Haitian flag could suggest a visit to Haiti or a fictional version of the neighborhood “Little Haiti” in Miami.
  • Rockstar’s attention to detail in GTA 6 has impressed fans, but it’s important not to get too excited as much about the game is still uncertain.

Eagle-eyed fans think that Grand Theft Auto 6 might include a secondary, international location based on a hidden detail in the recent trailer. After years of waiting, gamers finally got to see official footage of the next Grand Theft Auto game earlier this month, and it has been confirmed that GTA 6 will return the franchise to Vice City – which is based on Miami, Florida. Much of the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer was focused on establishing the game’s setting, with plenty of hijinks seemingly inspired by real-life events sprinkled in alongside the story of Lucia and her currently unnamed boyfriend.

Ever since the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer went live, fans have been carefully scanning it for additional clues about the game’s plot and gameplay. So far, players have noticed that GTA 6’s female protagonist Lucia is wearing an ankle monitor in some of the trailer’s shots, implying that she might be locked to a certain section of Vice City at first. Others think that they spotted GTA: Vice City character Lance Vance in the GTA 6 trailer, though this could simply be someone else since GTA 6 will be set in a completely different continuity and time period than the classic PS2 games.


Some Fans Think They’ve Spotted a Classic Vice City Character in the GTA 6 Trailer

Some Grand Theft Auto fans think that they’ve spotted a classic Vice City character in the recently released GTA 6 trailer.

A designated Grand Theft Auto 6 Twitter account named GTA 6 News recently pointed out yet another small detail in the GTA 6 trailer that suggests players could visit Haiti during the game. During a scene where characters are shown riding through the streets of Leonida on dirt bikes and ATVs, what appears to be a Haitian flag can be seen in the background. This detail can be really easy to miss since the flag in question is very small, but some see this as a sign that GTA 6 will take players to the Caribbean country at some point.

This might not be the case, as others are pointing out that there is a neighborhood in real-life Miami called Little Haiti. Grand Theft Auto 6 could simply feature its own fictional version of this neighborhood to explore in Vice City. It’s also possible that the Haitian flag in question belongs to a family that immigrated to Leonida, or it might not even be a Haitian flag at all given how small and out of focus it is. Either way, it certainly is a testament to Rockstar’s attention to detail in Grand Theft Auto 6, which viewers have appreciated while watching the GTA 6 trailer.

There are still many unanswered questions surrounding GTA 6, and it might be at least another year before Rockstar releases a second trailer with more information about Lucia and her boyfriend/partner-in-crime’s journey through the rough streets of Vice City. Meanwhile, eager gamers are still watching and re-watching the initial Grand Theft Auto 6 reveal trailer for the slightest tidbit or clue, such as a small Haitian flag in the background that could suggest the game taking players outside of Leonida – though it bears repeating that next to nothing has been set in stone as of this writing and so fans shouldn’t get their hopes up.


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