SteamWorld Build: The Best Starting Map

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In SteamWorld Build, a starting map is the default city silhouette. The game boasts five such starter zones: Tumbleton, Highroller Dunes, Fossil Park, Grand Gully, and Giddy-Up Gorge. Although the primary distinction between these maps lies in their themes, each one promises a slightly distinct gameplay experience.

This guide delves into the noteworthy differences, scrutinizing the advantages and disadvantages of each starting map to help players make informed choices. Here’s a breakdown of how players should go about selecting their initial map in SteamWorld Build.


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The Best Starting Map in SteamWorld Build

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Considering resource distribution and ease of use, the best starting maps are Grand Gully and Giddy-Up Gorge. These two cities come with accessible forests, clutter-free surfaces, and manageable topographies.

The following table shows the pros and cons of each map in SteamWorld Build.




Fossil Park


Limited build zone

Highroller Dunes

Thematic and unique

Excessive decoration


Extra resources

Poor lighting

Grand Gully

Wide space

Scattered resources

Giddy-Up Gorge

Open space with maximum resources

Beginner-level map

Of course, the resource problems can be solved for all maps by playing the game in the Casual or Creative mode. But note that the difficulty settings don’t affect zoning and construction spaces. (It’s best to go with wide-open starters so that the city expansions are not hindered.)

How to Pick the Best Starting Map

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SteamWorld Build’s map roster is fairly balanced, creating little to no major disadvantages. However, the starting city skins can be cherry-picked based on four factors: lighting, resources, barriers, and building zones.

To select the optimal plan, choose the city that provides the largest open space, the nearest resource zones, the longest daylight duration, and minimal decorations.

  • Prioritize urban planning. SteamWorld Build’s starting maps have different sizes. Choose the one with the largest build zones—unless the desired master plan requires dense spots.
  • Choose based on lighting. Some maps offer constant daylight, while others are nighttime cities. Choose the illumination that suits the graphics settings. (Detecting items such as Tumbleweeds is much harder in the nighttime maps.)
  • Consider resource management challenges. Natural resources like forests are different in all starting maps. Pick the one with extra resources closer to the train station.
  • Beware of indestructible objects. Ornaments and abandoned materials clog the map’s build zone. Start with a city skin with minimum decoration and junk so there’s more space for workers.


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