There’s a Starfield bug that makes it crash more often if you don’t start New Game+

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. The longer you play this Bethesda RPG, the more unstable it becomes. Am I talking about Oblivion’s reference bug, or Skyrim’s PS3 lag bug? (That’s our brand director Tim Clark there holding Bethesda’s feet to the fire on the latter.) Nope, I’m talking about Starfield, where players who have racked up hundreds of hours—not that uncommon in a Bethesda RPG—are experiencing more crashes the longer they play.

This was brought to our attention by a couple of modders, including wSkeever, who added Doctor Who’s weeping angels to Skyrim, among many other delightful mods. It was wSkeever who brought this bug up on the Starfield Mods subreddit last month, noting that, “I’ve been investigating an issue experienced by me and several other people where long running saves without ng+ would experience more and more frequent crashes during play.”

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By asm3a