Robert Downey Jr.’s Next Project Shows Oppenheimer Wasn’t A Fluke


  • Robert Downey Jr.’s recent role in Oppenheimer has garnered lots of attention and success.
  • Oppenheimer reminded audiences that RDJ is an incredible dramatic actor with range beyond his iconic role.
  • The upcoming film, The Sympathizer, offers Downey the perfect opportunity to further showcase his skills as a dramatic actor with multiple roles in a black comedy drama.

Although best known for his long-lasting and beloved role in Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. recently found success in his role in Oppenheimer, and his next project proves it isn’t just a fluke. His career really kicked off after his stellar performance in the 1987 film, Less Than Zero. He followed this up by starring as Charlie Chaplin in the 1992 biopic, Chaplin, and even received an Oscar nomination for the role. Due to personal struggles related to alcohol and drug use, Downey’s career was not able to maintain the same momentum for some time, until Iron Man made him a household name.

Downey did a fantastic job portraying the intelligent and strong Tony Stark in Marvel’s films. With the conclusion of him playing the character, though, many are looking to see what he does next with his career. His recent role in Oppenheimer has been declared as the best performance of his career, and with that level of praise and speculation of a 2024 Oscar nomination, the pressure is on for him to continue this upward trajectory.


RDJ’s Oscar For Oppenheimer Is Long Overdue – He Should’ve Won 30 Years Ago

Robert Downey Jr.’s predicted Oscar win for his performance in Oppenheimer is a long time coming; he should have won for another movie 30 years ago.

Oppenheimer Reminded Everyone That RDJ Is An Incredible Dramatic Actor

Playing as well-known and iconic of a character as Iron Man can be a bit of a catch-22, as it can pigeonhole an actor and make audiences forget about their range. The Iron Man movies resurrected Robert Downey Jr.’s acting career, but during his long stint of playing the character, he was unable to do much else. When he began taking on more roles, like in Dolittle, they didn’t go very well and didn’t help bolster his career and image as a dramatic actor. Oppenheimer was able to change things, though, for the actor, as he was able to dig deep and deliver an incredibly dramatic and memorable performance that he hadn’t had in years.

Why The Sympathizer Is Perfect For Robert Downey Jr.Robert Downey Jr. in one of his disguises with the Captain in The Sympathizer

Luckily, Downey’s role in Oppenheimer doesn’t seem to just be a fluke, and audiences can look forward to seeing him in another dramatic role. He is set to be in the upcoming film, The Sympathizer, which is based on a 2015 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name. It will be released in 2024 on Max and sets up the perfect opportunity for Robert Downey Jr. to continue to build his reputation as a dramatic actor with a wide range of skills.

The genre of the film is fitting for the new path his career is taking, as it is a black comedy drama. The book is tinged with dark humor, which will likely be translated on screen and will serve as a reminder of what Downey is truly capable of. In addition, Downey is set to take on multiple roles in the film. Seeing his ability to believably switch between characters will further emphasize his talent and set him up for even more great roles in the future.

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