Capcom’s DRM patch just broke Monster Hunter Rise on Steam Deck

Oh Capcom. The Japanese giant’s love affair with DRM is long and well-documented, but recently it’s been making some aggressive post-release changes to games that are pretty old in the teeth, with some speculation that adding DRM after the fact to titles like Resident Evil: Revelations is mainly about crimping naughty mods (which may or may not be down to a nude Chun Li mod being broadcast to the world). Adding DRM to Revelations was such a success Capcom had to roll the update back almost immediately.

Undaunted, Capcom has pressed on with this new tactic and now pulled a real doozy. The excellent Monster Hunter Rise, which used Denuvo DRM, has received a new patch replacing this with Enigma Protector DRM (the same DRM added to Revelations). The immediate impact? The game just doesn’t work on Steam Decks anymore, with plenty of users sharing video proof

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By asm3a