CD Projekt Red is ramping up production on The Witcher 4, and of course it’s looking into using AI

Back in March 2023, CDPR’s then-CEO Adam Kiciński said the quiet part out loud on an earnings call, and referred to the studio’s Polaris project (a new Witcher trilogy) as The Witcher 4. Naturally the studio went into immediate damage control mode and denied the first Polaris game is The Witcher 4, but here’s what Kiciński said at the time: “We want to release three big Witcher games within six years, starting from the release of Polaris, which is Witcher 4.”

CDPR first announced Polaris in October 2022, and has referenced it a few times since (though the only information about the game comes from fan theorising about the teaser image). It’s started 2024 in the same way, telling Reuters that production on Polaris is going into full swing this year. 

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By asm3a