Suicide Squad’s First New Playable Character Will Be The Joker

Rocksteady has revealed some of its post-launch plans for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. The biggest piece of news is that the Joker will be the first new playable character added to Suicide Squad post-launch. And no, this isn’t the Joker from the Arkham games. He’s still dead. Instead, this is a new Joker from a different universe.

Announced back in 2020, Suicide Squad is Rocksteady’s upcoming co-op looter shooter supervillain adventure set in the same universe as its earlier Batman: Arkham games. Since its announcement, fans haven’t been terribly excited about the game. Every time we see more of it—via trailers or leaks—it looks more and more like a live-service shooter with plenty of optional purchases, even if Rocksteady seems unwilling to admit that. And recent previews earlier this month weren’t great either and didn’t help win over folks. But marketing campaigns soldier on, and so Rocskteady’s latest “Suicide Squad Insider” episode is out and all about post-launch content coming in the game’s first season.

Released on January 22, Suicide Squad’s recent dev diary explained that the game’s first season will go live in March, about a month after the game’s February 2 launch. The season will be Joker-themed and include two episodes with new missions, side activities, gear, boss fights, and enemy variants.

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By asm3a