The open beta of Nvidia’s RTX Remix is ready to grab: Remaster your favourite old games to give them a massive graphics upgrade

Do you have an old game that you wish was remastered to make full use of today’s graphics technologies? For me, it’s the original Deus Ex , and I’d love to see that with modern lighting and fully ray-traced. We’ve had some so far, of course, such as Quake 2 and Portal, but these weren’t mods, as you had to download the entire updated game. Now, with the release of Nvidia’s RTX Remix open beta, you’ll be able to do it yourself to any DirectX 8 or 9 game

Modding games to change how they look or run has been around for as long as there have been games, but the scene now is a huge industry by itself, with vast databases of textures, levels, and entire remakes of games all available.

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By asm3a