Tilted Towers resists the yoke of imperial aggression as the British Army gives up on its Fortnite livestream plan

There are famously only 22 countries in the entire world that Britain has not invaded at some point during its history. But now you can add Fortnite to that list, as the British Army has given up its plan to hold a livestreamed competition later this week between influencer-led teams on its very own custom Fortnite map.

The plan, called Operation: Belong, was revealed last week in a rousing video showcasing a custom-made map that would serve as a battleground for influencers Yung Filly and Elz the Witch. All evidence of the video has since been deleted but the intent, to me, seemed pretty clear: “You there, youngster! Join the army!

(Image credit: British Army )

Text messages laid atop Fortnite gameplay drove the point home: “You belong here. Work as one. Test your agility. Unlock the enigma. Conquer obstacles. Apply your training.”

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By asm3a