LG’s discounted C3 OLED TVs come with up to $200 in gift cards

Super Bowl season traditionally brings with it steep discounts on last year’s TVs, and while it’s still some time away, the deals are starting to trickle in. If you want to upgrade your TV ahead of the event, BuyDig is throwing in up to $200 in gift cards when you buy the last-gen LG C3 OLED TV in various configurations. You can, for instance, buy the 77-inch model at its all-time low price of $2,296.99 ($200 off) with a $200 gift card, while the 65-inch is $1,596.99 ($1,000 off) with a $100 gift card included. If you prefer a different retailer, Amazon and Best Buy are also discounting the TVs but without a gift card.

The forthcoming LG C4 is brighter and has more processing power, but the last-gen TV is still an impressive jack-of-all-trades in its own right. The LG C3 still offers the vivid colors, rich contrast, and deep black levels that OLED TVs are known for, which makes it easy to see detail even in dark TV shows and movies. It’s also very gamer-friendly with four HDMI 2.1 ports and a 120Hz refresh rate. That’s not as high as the C4’s 144Hz refresh rate, but it’s as high as any gaming console can hit.

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