Obsidian’s Avowed is going ‘classless’, ditching Pillars of Eternity’s crunchy stat-heavy builds in favour of Skyrim-like ability trees

I was downright gleeful when I learnt that Avowed—Obsidian’s upcoming first-person fantasy RPG—was set in the Pillars of Eternity world of Eora. If there’s one thing I’m perpetually a bit mad about, it’s that the Pillars games didn’t do much, much better than they did (If there’s a second, it’s that Tyranny somehow managed to do even worse). To my eyes, Avowed is the series’ second shot at mainstream success.

But just because Avowed is returning to the Pillarsverse™ doesn’t mean we’re merely getting those isometric CRPGs in a swanky first-person wrapper. In a recent chat with PC Gamer’s Ted Litchfield, Avowed’s game director Carrie Patel and gameplay director Gabe Paramo mentioned that the new game is going a bit Skyrim with it, leaving behind the Pillars games’ class system in favour of a set of ability trees you can sample from as you level up.

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By asm3a