Palworld players discover you can kidnap and sell humans just like pals, although you will be warned it’s not very polite

It’s a Palworld, we’re just living in it. Pocketpair’s AK-equipped Poké-like has dominated both the charts and the discourse since it came out last Friday, and the debates and discoveries about it are coming out faster than I can keep track of.

But the latest development is both debate and discovery, and I can’t decide if that makes it easier to cover or harder. Here’s what’s happening: Enterprising and morally pliable Palworld players have stumbled upon the fact (via IGN) that you can use the game’s Palspheres (they’re Pokéballs, let’s not beat around the bush) not only to capture the game’s animal inhabitants, but to kidnap human NPCs too. 

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By asm3a