There’s a new Stargate: SG-1 tactics game on Steam, because the ’90s are forever

We said in 2021 that the ’90s are back, baby, because someone was making an RTS based on Stargate SG-1. Today they’re really back, because that game, formally known as Stargate: Timekeepers, is now live—and for those of you who aren’t sure whether real-time Stargate strategy is going to be your bag, a demo is available too.

Stargate: Timekeepers is in fact a “real-time tactics game,” a minor but meaningful distinction. Instead of harvesting resources, building bases, churning out armies, and grinding your enemies to dust, you’ll lead a new team of SG-1 specialists behind enemy lines, where you’ll “use your characters’ unique skills, craft the perfect plan, and defeat the Goa’uld threat.”

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By asm3a