How to craft an Enshrouded grappling hook

The grappling hook is a tool that you can craft early on in Enshrouded. Not only does it give you more choice when it comes to traveling around Embervale, but some areas are inaccessible without it, such as the Hunter Vault or certain roads out of the starting area. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to reach the top of any Ancient Spires either, which open up extra fast travel options once you ascend them.

Much like the glider, the grappling hook recipe is unlocked as soon as you craft your first workbench, which you can do once you place the Flame Altar as part of the introductory quest. If you need help finding the materials needed to make it, however, here’s how to craft the grappling hook in Enshrouded.

Enshrouded grappling hook: How to craft it 

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If you want to craft a grappling hook, you must place down a workbench first. When you interact with this crafting station, you’ll see the tool listed under the Survival section, along with the glider and an early storage option.

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