NSA spies panicked over ‘AI’ Furbies way back in the late 90s according to official document dump

Way back in January 1999, the Washington Post got wind of what it declared to be the infamous “Furby Alert”. Now official documents proving the story was indeed real have been released. Yes, the NSA really was worried the fuzzy toy that parroted back whatever it heard, which was all the rage back in the late 90s, was powered by an “Artificial Intelligence” chip and represented a security risk. And yes, an official alert was issued.

As reported by 404 media, the official documents were released in response to a somewhat speculative Freedom of Information request by an X user going by the @dakotathecat handle. Apparently, on a bored whim dakotathecat decided to have a punt at requesting the first official confirmation since that late 90s Washington post piece.

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By asm3a