Obsidian’s next RPG Avowed won’t have the option to do ‘a pure pacifist run’

Discovering just how many pacifist choices you could make in the original Fallout was a delight, because not only were you allowed to talk or sneak your way out of problems, but the game recognized you were doing that and rewarded you for it. Subsequent RPGs and immersive sims sprinkled peaceful options in, but an entirely pacifist playthrough often ends up being a masochistic challenge that feels more like you’re breaking the game than playing it. Just have a look how much of a hassle it is beating The Outer Worlds as a pacifist.

Given that Avowed is drawing inspiration from Vermintide’s best-in-class first-person combat, it’s no surprise that Obsidian’s upcoming RPG won’t let you go 100% nonviolent. Speaking to PC Gamer this week, game director Carrie Patel said, “This isn’t a game where you’re gonna have a pure pacifist run.”

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By asm3a