World’s biggest mod site says no to Palworld Pokémon mods after taking one look at Nintendo’s record of ‘mercilessly submitting legal challenges’

With tens of thousands of mods for games like Skyrim and Fallout, Nexus Mods must be the biggest mod site on Earth, but even it’s not keen to pick a fight over Palworld with Nintendo’s army of lawyers. After seemingly removing an Ash Ketchum mod for the game from its archives, Nexus community lead Matthew Elliot told PCGamesN that the site was “not comfortable hosting this content,” meaning anything that might at all touch the livewire that is Pokémon’s copyright.

“We do think that adding Pokémon content to Palworld is a very cool idea and we understand why people would want such a thing,” said Elliot, but Nexus is just “not comfortable hosting this content.” The reason, as you might guess, is Nintendo’s litigiousness. 

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By asm3a