How to craft an Enshrouded glider

If you craft a glider early on in Enshrouded, you’ll find getting around the hilly terrain of Embervale much easier. Of course, launching yourself from a high cliff and gliding towards a distant grassland is all well and good, but be careful not to accidentally fly into the Shroud unprepared. If you do happen to find yourself far away from home with a full backpack, you can always fast travel back to your base to unload and rebuff.

Gliding is one of the best ways to explore the world as you’re no longer restricted by high drops or sprawling Shrouded areas. At the very least, it’s useful to have the means to prevent fall damage if you happen to be exploring near a cliff edge. So, with that in mind, here’s how to craft a glider.

How to craft an Enshrouded glider 

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Aside from the materials you need to craft a glider, you’ll also require a workbench to make it. You can build one as soon as you’ve placed a Flame Altar, which allows you to build structures in its vicinity.

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