How to farm Palworld sulphur

So you’ve acquired your very first gun in Palworld, but now you’ve got to worry about finding sulphur so you craft more bullets. Blasting away at Syndicate Thugs and every new Pal you spy depletes your ammo reserves at an alarming rate, after all. There are multiple ways to get more bullets in Palworld, from defeating gun-toting human enemies, to finding them on the ground while out exploring.

However, the most reliable method is crafting it yourself using gunpowder which requires charcoal and—you guessed it—sulphur. Finding yourself a nice little sulphur farm will be a key step in upgrading your arsenal and making sure you have enough ammo to keep waging your Pal-based war. Here’s where to find sulphur in Palword, plus the best farming spot that I’ve discovered so far.

Where to find sulphur in Palworld

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By asm3a