It’s actually happening: Skull and Bones is holding an open beta in February

Like a derelict ship drifting toward a jagged outcropping of rocks, Ubisoft‘s long-awaited game of high-seas piracy Skull and Bones is, slowly but surely, drawing ever closer. The launch date of February 16 is still holding water, and today Ubisoft announced that before it arrives, an open beta will give one and all a chance to finally see what it’s really like.

Skull and Bones has been delayed so many times since its 2017 that I could scarcely believe it—and I was similarly astounded when the February release date was carved into stone, really for real this time, at the 2023 Game Awards. Part of me expected another last-minute delay (and, honestly, still does) but with this open beta now in the offing, it really does seem like damn-the-torpedoes time is upon us.

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By asm3a