Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader players have one week to snag some free DLC cosmetics before they’re gone for good

Owlcat Games has revealed a pair of cosmetic items that are free for all Rogue Trader players until February 1. The “Exclusive Rogue Trader Mask” and “Magnificent Rogue Trader Cloak” will presumably be locked in the Disney Vault (or the Games Workshop Vault, I guess) following this brief window.

If I’m being honest, they don’t exactly light my fire⁠—in the same way that premium cosmetics always look like premium cosmetics, digital deluxe edition-adjacent stuff like this always has that digital deluxe edition look, ya know? Of the two, the helmet does have a little more juice to it. I quite like the skull mask’s laurel wreath and techno-monocle, while the fact that the ear to nose chain initially looks like it should attach to the monocle is a really nice touch.

(Image credit: Owlcat Games)

The Magnificent Cloak though? It feels like your average Rogue Trader is going to trip over seven fur-lined capes with pauldrons on their way to brush their teeth in the morning. Still, free is free, though it is odd to see something like this be a limited time offer in a singleplayer RPG.

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By asm3a