A livestreamed D&D one shot will take place inside the vagina of the game’s biggest monster, and it’s for a good cause—science and education

I did not misspell ‘critical’ in that subheadline. The D&D streaming show Science & Sorcery has teamed up with the UK’s Vagina Museum to host a money-raising one shot—titled Clitical Hit—to help promote the museum’s mission statement of raising awareness regarding “gynaecological anatomy and health”.

While Science & Sorcery does have long-running campaigns, it also produces “monthly one-shot charity games with guest hosts and players from a wide range of science disciplines to support various charities.” As reported by Wargamer, the stream will feature a neuroscientist and a pharmacologist—alongside the museum’s founder Florence Schechter and the game’s usual cast. 

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By asm3a