Another bunch of game studios have laid off employees, and we’re not even out of January yet

2024 continues to be an awful year for employees of the game industry, as another three studios have reportedly laid off employees this week. People Can Fly, the developer of games including Painkiller, Bulletstorm, and Outriders, has confirmed that “layoffs have happened,” while a Kotaku report says Destroy All Humans! studio Black Forest Games and Ruiner developer Reikon Games have also made significant cuts to staffing.

People Can Fly development director Adam Alker said in an internal email that more than 30 people working on the studio’s current project, code named Project Gemini, were being let go. Project Gemini was described as “a triple-A game that is being developed in partnership with the publisher Square Enix Limited” in a 2022 financial report, and was meant to be on a scale similar to that of Outriders, People Can Fly’s 2021 co-op shooter. However, one source told Kotaku that Project Gemini’s singleplayer campaign is going to be reduced in size as a result of the cuts.

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By asm3a