Bloodborne Kart won’t be ‘Bloodborne Kart’ anymore after a letter from Sony, but the devs are excited to make it an original thing: ‘This is a fan game no more!’

We still don’t have Bloodborne on PC yet, but who needs it? We’ve got something even better on the way: Bloodborne Kart, a PlayStation-style demake that somehow evolved from a seeming April Fool’s gag into a fully-fledged kart racing game. It was intended to be out on January 31, but developer Lilith Walther said today that the team needs to tap the brakes so they can ditch the Bloodborne branding at Sony’s request.

Bloodborne Kart was announced in August 2022 and it gave us immediate high hopes. Walther was one of the creators of the excellent BloodbornePSX demake, for one thing, and that set the bar pretty high on its own. But the mere concept of Bloodborne Kart is inherently interesting—I mean, “What if Bloodborne, but kart racing?” is something you have to be at least a little curious about.

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By asm3a