Dwarf Fortress’ missing best mode is tantalisingly close to release, just as soon as they nail down how to ‘target toes with your crab pincers’

In the cavernous recesses of my heart I nurture the belief that Dwarf Fortress is the greatest game ever made. And ever since it got its shiny Kitfox-branded new version in 2022—now with graphics!—I’ve been convinced that’s the best way to play it.

But that version isn’t quite feature complete. It’s still missing original Dwarf Fortress’ Adventure Mode, a kind of roguelike approach to the game where you control a single character or party as they venture through one of your procgen worlds. That’s in stark contrast to Dwarf Fortress’ main mode, which sees you play god, admin and overseer for a whole colony of miners. It’s due out in April, but the devs still have a fair bit of work to do.

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By asm3a