Epic taunts Apple with a banana as Tim Sweeney decries new iOS rules in the EU as ‘hot garbage’

Epic has launched a Fortnite tease that is tweaking Apple’s nose about new rules set to come into force in the EU. The brief clip shows Peely, the Fortnite banana mascot, floating backwards into the void while making the “I’m watching you” gesture with two fingers. It adds a shoutout to the EU’s new Digital Markets Act (DMA) and adds “Apple, the world is watching.”

This is the latest stage in a global faceoff between Apple and Epic as the Fortnite developer (and platform holder) battles to open up the walled garden that is iOS. Epic’s attempts in the US mainly ended in failure, but in the EU it’s a different story and the DMA means Apple must allow customers to access thirdparty app stores and payment methods. The DMA is not just about Apple but all large tech companies that act as gatekeepers to online services, and aims to make it easier for companies to compete on large storefronts without having to jump through hoops that solely benefit the platform-holder. 

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By asm3a