Hearts of Iron 4 beefs up Brazil and invites you to save South America from fascism in its latest DLC

Hearts of Iron 4, a kind of Midnight Suns game where you make Mohammad Reza Shah and Mao Zedong best friends instead of Blade and Spider-Man, has announced its next DLC. It’s heading down to South America in Hearts of Iron 4: Trial of Allegiance, a new country pack that aims to round out the experience of playing Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.

Although Hearts of Iron mostly—for understandable reasons—focuses on the Pacific and European theatres of WW2, there was plenty going on down in South America during the most destructive war in human history. The DLC will release on March 7, and Paradox’s first update about it is mostly about its Brazilian aspect: focusing on the first presidency of Getúlio Vargas and his attempts to keep a grip on power, which he did by imagineering a bogus communist uprising called the Cohen Plan and using it as a pretext to clamp down on other people’s political liberties. 

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By asm3a