Here’s Who the Online MAGA World Wants as Trump’s VP

The idea of a Trump-Carlson ticket was met very positively by those on the pro-Trump message board known as The Donald, a site that is home to violent extremist threats and whose members helped organize the January 6 Capitol riot:

“Trump’s ultra MAGA and he needs someone who can or is the same energy,” one member wrote last week. “F this picking a woman or vivek BS for pandering points. Tucker would be a good pic.”

On Trump’s own Truth Social, many were excited about the possibility of a Carlson nomination.

“He’s smarter than 99% of Congress,” commented one poster.

“That would be a solid ticket.. two non-politicians who hate the deep state,” another wrote.

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Elise Stefanik

The New York representative was described by Trump in December as “a killer” after her viral questioning of three Ivy League college presidents over antisemitism on campus. Since that incident, Elise Stefanik has been promoted heavily by pro-Trump media and Trump’s former adviser Steve Bannon on his War Room podcast.

Stefanik joined Trump on stage over the weekend in New Hampshire and was greeted with chants of “VP, VP, VP!” by the crowd.

But on the pro-Trump message board known as The Donald, Trump’s most fervent supporters are not impressed.

“Nope,” one wrote over a link to an article saying Trump was considering Stefanik as his running mate. “A hard no,” another wrote.

Comments quickly descended into misogyny, racism, and antisemitism.

“Nope, no females—too susceptible to coercion, manipulation, bribery and group think,” a member of The Donald wrote. ”We need another pair of big brass balls in the VP position, no more weak Judas Pence’s.”

“No women, no blacks!” another wrote, before someone else added: “And no fucking jews.”

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Kari Lake

Kari Lake, a former TV star turned election conspiracist, has been one of Trump’s most vocal supporters since losing her own election for governor in Arizona in 2022. She has also continued to claim, without evidence, 2020 and 2022 election fraud.

Lake is now running for US Senate in Arizona and, when asked about being vice president, recently told GB News: “I want to help [Trump] in the Senate. I really think that he’s going to need help in the Senate.” However, she has also been promoting her own candidacy for the job, posting images of herself on Truth Social alongside Trump following his Iowa caucus victory in what some on the platform described as a 2024 election poster.

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