Popular Japanese rhythm game sets cancellation record by announcing release date and closure in the same tweet

The Japanese multimedia series Love Live! has been around since 2010, and has enjoyed popularity through various anime series, films, and rhythm-action videogames. The setup is fairly simple, and revolves around girls who attend school with each other but are secretly the planet’s greatest pop idols. One especially successful entry is Love Live! School Island Festival, a free-to-play mobile-first game that was released in 2013 before being ported to various other platforms.

The publisher behind the game, Bushiroad, announced the game’s successor at Love Live!’s 2022 thanksgiving festival. Love Live! School Island Festival 2 would see all player account data carried over and replace its predecessor entirely, and feature various popular groups and idols from the series and its spinoffs. Other than that it’s along the same lines: a rhythm game crossed with a visual novel, where you get your J-pop on then talk about maths homework or something. 

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By asm3a