The Best Holiday Matsuri 2023 Cosplay Looks

Buggy from One Piece, Amumu from League of Legends, and Attuma from Wakanda Forever cosplays.

Holiday Matsuri (or Holmat) is an annual cosplay convention held in Orlando, Florida that tends to close out the year with a bang. As it’s the biggest cosplay convention in the state, and always falls near the end of December (it’s nice and toasty in Florida that time of year, trust me), HolMat is the de facto period on the end of the annual cosplay sentence. As such, there are often some great costumes on display at the event—especially because of its proximity to both Universal Studios and Disney World.

Naturally, some of the looks at HolMat are holiday themed, which only adds to the convention’s allure. I love a cosplay that takes a character’s iconic look and tweaks it to either fit a theme or tell a slightly different story, and HolMat never disappoints. Just wait until you see the Hyrule Warriors cosplay we’ve got on this list.

As always, the incredible photography from HolMat 2023 comes courtesy of cosplay photographer MineralBlu. Check out the video of the convention below, and click through to see some incredible costumes, from World of Warcraft characters to Gotham City’s baddies.


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By asm3a