The Most Underrated PlayStation 5 Game Lands On PC Soon

Sony has revealed a release date for the PC version of Horizon Forbidden West Complete, along with a bunch of top-tech features for computers beefy enough to handle them. Come March 21, the epic action adventure will be available to play with unlocked framerates and DLSS 3 upscaling.

Good heavens, can you believe it’s been almost two years since Aloy’s second PlayStation outing was released? If time speeds up any more the Earth’s going to go cartwheeling off its axis and crash into three weeks ago. However, even the two-year gap before it crossed the aisle to the PC is a whole year-and-a-half faster than Horizon Zero Dawn made the leap, and further proof of Sony’s commitment to releasing enhanced versions of its console exclusives to the socialist dreamlands of the home computer.

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By asm3a