We regret to inform you that Palworld has a smutty lizard ‘seeking a night of love’ with humans, which raids bases in hordes of ‘rampaging fangirls’

Palworld is an edgy game—more in implication than reality. While it’s grown a reputation for a Happy Tree Friends-style subversiveness, everything in its world is pretty sanitised. For instance: Pals eat human cadavers, but they just peck at them until they vanish. 

The whole game feels like a send-up of Pokémon’s simmering ‘it’s messed up if you think about it’ worldbuilding and Pokédex entries, just more overt. As is the case with Lovander, a pal that explicitly wants to bone down with humans. Lovander is number 69 in the Paldeck, naturally, and its entry reads as follows:

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By asm3a