Enlisted, the 100-person shooter where everyone has a squad of NPCs, is coming to Steam

Large-scale shooter Enlisted is coming to Steam this quarter of 2024, bringing its particular flavor of FPS where you’re in charge of a whole squad out from the umbrella of a standalone launcher. The free-to-play game has picked up a following over the years because its approach makes the battles much bigger, but also lets you jump between members of your squad should you lose a soldier, easing the sting of death on big FPS maps.

The newly released Steam version will be called Enlisted: Reinforced, which the makers say is due to “the recent massive changes to the game, and how far the community and Enlisted has come since its initial release.” Indeed, 2023 was a big year for Enlisted, with its latest few updates overhauling almost every aspect of how you progress in-game and play its campaigns.

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By asm3a