Footage of a canceled, 10+ year-old sci-fi Call of Duty developed by Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater studio Neversoft has leaked online

First spotted by CharlieIntel, two videos supposedly from a cancelled Xbox 360-era Call of Duty game called “Future Warfare” or “NX1” internally have been shared on Twitter. Their provenance has seemingly been confirmed by a former senior Neversoft developer who worked on the project.

The first video was shared by an account with the handle @mangafigurines (I’ve embedded a YouTube upload of the same video), and shows a first person cinematic sequence where the player’s space suit is breached on the surface of the moon, and they have to flee into a nearby base while under attack.

(Image credit: Brian Bright on Twitter)

The second video, shared by Twitter user @catgurlfriend, purports to show NX1 multiplayer in a map with a ruined desert town theme. The player switches between dual Glock 18 pistols (pretty standard for CoD) and a far more interesting futuristic DMR-looking rifle.

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By asm3a