Mountain keeps, hobbit holes, and sick castles: Enshrouded players are hard at work with that excellent building system

New co-op survival game Enshrouded has been picking up Steam in the past few days, as the survival-crafting action RPG has not just pretty compelling combat but a really nice, rather in-depth building system. Per our predictions last year, Enshrouded’s impressive system of terrain alteration and building is giving rise to some truly delightful community creations. I’ve rounded up some of the best I’ve seen in the handful of days since release.

Hobbit Hole (WIP) from r/Enshrouded

In a hole in the ground there lived a Flameborn. Not a nasty, dirty, we hole, but one that was pretty neat because on the exterior, creator Guntoucher gave it that nice tudor style look, but on the inside it’s hall of hardwood flooring with detailed stonework atop the walls. 

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By asm3a