Suicide Squad devs say despite being a live-service game it’ll respect players’ time because ‘We all love playing games, but we also have lives’

It feels like the internet’s already made up its mind about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, to the degree that I can’t imagine it receiving any kind of fair response when it launches on February 2. It’s become a symbol of everything wrong with live-service games, which is a reputation I imagine Rocksteady is eager to get ahead of. 

One way that’s been happening is in Q&As on the official Suicide Squad Discord server, where developers have been answering question about things like its battle pass, seasonal content, endgame, and multiplayer. The answers have been fairly promising. For starters, the battle pass will only hand out cosmetics and premium currency rather than anything game-altering, and it won’t be banished to the Phantom Zone once a season ends.

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By asm3a