30 Years Ago, A Gory Gaming Triumph Changed Pop Culture Forever

There’s a certain rarified echelon of video games that have birthed entire genres based on their innovation, and their fingerprints can still be spotted all over many games today. Super Mario Bros. defined the concept of a side-scrolling platformer, DOTA made the MOBA mainstream, and Doom is the benchmark for first-person shooters. There’s no way that the likes of Halo, The Last of Us, or The Day Before would exist without the sick, twisted fantasies of iD Software’s developers in the early ‘90s.

By today’s standards, 1993’s Doom seems like a simple game. As a space marine sent to Mars, you’re tasked with running and gunning through cursed levels with walls of decay and screaming flesh, listening to metal-inspired tunes, and wielding a blood-spattering buffet of weaponry. Doom’s fast-paced mania brought a new level of immersion to games, allowing players to conduct a symphony of slaughter with chainsaws and and machine guns. Rather than observing your avatar from a distance, Doom’s enormously influential first-person perspective meant you were running and gunning through the lens of an action hero.

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By asm3a