Destiny’s story structure ‘may have become predictable,’ admits Bungie as it pivots to Episodes to ‘pleasantly surprise’ players more often

Bungie is still playing it close to the vest with its planned shift from a seasonal model to an “Episodic” one with its upcoming expansion, The Final Shape, but at a recent developer roundtable, members of the team shed some light on the reasons behind the change, as well as how the unique demands of making Destiny affect its storytelling.

Speaking as a lapsed Destiny player, it kinda felt like every expansion was talked about as the “make or break” moment for the long-running live service shooter, but this time really is big. Bungie’s going into the last expansion of Destiny’s 10-year “Light and Dark Saga” off the back of a particularly weak campaign in Lightfall, growing fatigue from the game’s seasonal model, and most alarmingly, a wave of layoffs that reportedly tanked morale at the Sony-owned studio.

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By asm3a