Fresh AMD Zen 5 CPU details leak suggesting a likely launch date between April and June of this year

Further details are beginning to leak for AMD’s next generation of desktop processors built on the Zen 5 architecture. These new “Granite Ridge” CPUs are currently expected for release in the first half of this year, and we’re now starting to see information that looks to add some credence to the earlier rumours referencing the new chips.

These most recent leaks come from a tweet from known AMD leaker High Yield YT (via TechPowerUp), and seem to give weight to some of the previously rumoured details that have already been doing the rounds for AMD’s next desktop CPUs. AMD will reportedly be using the Ryzen 9000 series model numbering scheme, which was to be expected as the 8000 series moniker is already being used for the new AM5 APUs based on “Hawk Point”.

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By asm3a