Major Suicide Squad Bug Forces Game Offline Right After Launch

After several delays, the time is finally upon us to kill DC Comics’ major superheroes like The Flash and Superman as Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League launches early for folks who preordered the Digital Deluxe edition. Unfortunately, some players who got into the game before its official February 2 release date booted it up to find out that, due to a major bug, the story mode was already marked as completed, prompting developer Rocksteady Games to quickly cut the servers off so it could iron out the massive issue.

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The team took to the game’s X/Twitter account on January 29 to deliver the unfortunate news, stating that the always-online game will immediately go offline for “several hours” while Rocksteady Games works on the problem.

The hiccup, according to Rocksteady Games, was that players logging into Suicide Squad for the first time were finding that “they [had] full story completion.” It’s unclear exactly why this was happening, but the studio apologized for the inconvenience and promised to have an update when it had information to share. So, for now, folks in parts of the world like New Zealand, where the game launched first, will have to sit on their hands and wait while Rocksteady Games gets to work.

The issue is leading some players to respond with calls for an offline mode. “This is why games have offline modes, how many times do these companies have to learn the same lesson?” posted user SynthPotato, while ghost_motley replied, “Offline mode needs to be a top priority!” Rocksteady has promised that an offline mode is coming sometime this year, though that doesn’t do any good for those who wish to play the game during server maintenance right now.

Kotaku has reached out to Warner Bros. for comment.

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As of right now, there are no reviews for the game, as the publisher opted not to provide code to any outlets. We should expect to see reactions pop up in the next few days as fans and reviewers get their hands on the game. At the very least, we know what Rocksteady Games’ plans are for the live-service third-person brawler-shooter, which will see The Joker join the game in March, new seasonal content that can be completed at any time, and much more.


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