Power-crazed boffin gets Doom running through the medium of gut bacteria

Doom has had one of the most remarkable afterlives of any game, from the still-thriving modding and speedrunning scenes to the meme-slash-mission of getting this thing running on any and all technology available to humanity. You’ve seen the pregnancy tests, the Lego brick, the potatoes, the engineers who got it going on a 1-milliwatt chip while sombrely telling us all what serious business this is. Now, it’s time for some cell shading.

Lauren Ramlam is a biology PhD student at MIT, and for the final project of the synthetic biology course had one big idea: let’s get Doom displaying via gut bacteria. Ramlam’s written report briefly outlines the history of Doom running via various things, before coming to the inescapable question of whether “biological systems might be engineered to host this classic millennial FPS.”

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By asm3a