You too can run a functional 16-bit CPU inside Microsoft Excel thanks to one YouTube hobbyist with more willpower than I shall ever possess

Microsoft Excel isn’t exactly up there when it comes to anyone’s top-ten list of exciting software. Regarded as the dependable if more-than-slightly dull workhorse of productivity apps, the mere mention of Excel brings to mind endless spreadsheets, budgetary calculations, and… oh no you’ve fallen asleep already. But when someone creates a functional 16-bit CPU inside it, well, that might just be worth waking up for.

YouTuber Inkbox has posted a 16-minute video (via Tom’s Hardware) detailing exactly how they built a fully-functional 3Hz 16-bit CPU in the much-maligned office app, complete with an included 128KB of RAM, a 16-colour output display and its own custom assembly language. Not only was the CPU created (and runs) inside Excel, it was built without any Visual Basic scripts or plugins, which means it could be duplicated on any Excel instance.

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By asm3a