Enshrouded player discovers the best way to fly isn’t using a glider, it’s using a bed

Enshrouded sleepflying trick”

There are a few ways to get around in survival RPG Enshrouded. Running, obviously, and using your grappling hook to yank yourself across broken bridges and chasms. There’s also plenty of fast travel between ancient spires, your bases, and any flame altars you’ve placed in the world. Best of all you can leap off something tall and use a glider to soar across the landscape until you run out of stamina.

But have you considered… just going to sleep instead? One Enshrouded player has discovered a glitch that means jumping into your bed actually sends you floating into the air and across the sky for as long as you want, all while expending zero effort.

You can fly to any point on the map using a single bed from r/Enshrouded

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By asm3a