New Switch Controller Lets You Play With Your Weiner

A pixelated image of the hotdog controller in front of a yellow background.

Image: Hyperkin / Oscar Myer / Kotaku

American-based video game peripheral manufacturer and distributor Hyperkin has announced a range of Bluetooth controllers based on different food products, including a mac-and-cheese gamepad and yes, one inspired by Oscar Mayer weiners.

On January 26, Hyperkin tweeted out an image teasing some new food-based collaborations and, three days later, revealed a new range of “Pixel Art” controllers based on Kool-Aid, Siracha, Kraft Mac and Cheese, Heinz Ketchup, and last but certainly not least, Oscar Mayer hot dogs. These are all official, too. No knock-off weiner controllers here.

The controllers cost $40 and can be purchased right now on Hyperkin’s website or Amazon. Each controller supports USB-C and Bluetooth up to 30 ft. As for platforms, the controllers can be used on a lot of devices, including the Switch and, uh…a Tesla. Play with your weiner in your car. Sure!

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By asm3a