If you’re looking for a new base in Enshrouded, this three-story tavern with a 25 comfort buff is the perfect fixer-upper

I’m not a builder. Never have been. My home in Minecraft is a big, boring box, my HQ in Valheim is just a basic longhouse, and my base in Enshrouded is a shack with barely enough room for a bed, a workbench, and five NPCs standing shoulder to shoulder. I just don’t have the sort of building talent so many other Enshrouded players do.

The nice thing about Enshrouded, though, is that there are all sorts of pre-existing structures in the world. Crumbling farmhouses. Abandoned cottages. Castle ruins. Since you can claim plots of land by placing flame altars, you can essentially take over some of these existing buildings, do a few repairs, and make them into a brand new base.

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By asm3a