Palworld player uncovers secret Mewtwo-like hidden in the game files that looks too legally actionable even for Palworld

I’ve heard it said that Palworld’s pals bear more than a passing resemblance to Pokémon. Is Wumpo Botan actually Tangrowth? Is Lamball actually Wooloo? Is this thing Eevee? No. Shush. That is clearly Cremis. Zip it, buddy, before we all end up in the dock.

But I’ve gotta admit that the latest Palworld discovery—uncovered by a dataminer called Brian Cozzens and spotted by Eurogamer—really does ring the old Poké-bell. It’s not actually in the game (yet) but it’s called Dark Mutant and you can find its model and Paldex entry if you rummage through Palworld’s files. Or you can just check it out on this Palworld Paldex website.

Cozzens told Eurogamer that he found our friend Mewthree here while crafting an interactive map for the game. Let’s not beat around the bush here, that’s a Mewtwo. Specifically, it’s a Mega Mewtwo Y that someone’s dyed black and purple and given a pair of Brezhnev-style eyebrows to. Per its Paldex entry, it may have the power to “tear holes into other dimensions” once it’s worked on its technique.

(Image credit: Pocketpair / The Pokemon Company)

Sounds powerful! Almost as powerful as, uh, Mewtwo, whose prodigious psychic abilities made him a potent foe back in the first Pokémon Movie (which is, I admit, the only one I’ve seen by virtue of it coming out when I was five years old, the last time I was truly engaged with Pokémon). Perhaps the similarity was too much even for Pocketpair, which is why the studio opted to leave Dark Mutant tucked away in Palworld’s files rather than having it inhabit the world.

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