Rainbow Six Siege players are already selling gun skins for hundreds of dollars in new marketplace beta

Longtime Rainbow Six Siege players may soon find they’re sitting on a gold mine. Today, Ubisoft kicked off the beta for the Rainbow Six Marketplace, a website that allows players to sell their unwanted cosmetics for R6 Credits. The marketplace is viewable by anyone, but Ubisoft is only allowing select beta testers to buy and sell items for now.

Those beta testers are wasting no time, either. On launch day, the marketplace shows thousands of listings for hundreds of distinct gun skins, headgears, outfits, and charms. Onlookers can’t see the details of individual transactions, but we can see how many total copies of items are for sale, what range of R6 Credits they’re being sold at, and how much the last one sold for. If these numbers are correct, players are already dropping $30, $60, and over $100 on rare cosmetics.

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By asm3a