Spiderweb’s remaster of classic CRPG Geneforge 2 gets a March release date

Last year a Kickstarter for a remastered version of Spiderweb Software’s CRPG Geneforge 2 passed its humble $30,000 goal and raised $76,777 based on its promise of “Open ended fantasy role-playing fun with your own army of custom-made mutant monsters.” That remaster, which is called Geneforge 2 – Infestation, will be out on March 27.

As Andy Chalk said when the Kickstarter made its goal, “Spiderweb makes a very particular type of RPG: Light on eye candy (very light) and other effects, but very deep, flexible, and open-ended.” The Geneforge Saga, a series of five standalone games, is the perfect example. The sci-fi/fantasy setting is dominated by Shapers, who are wizards with the godlike power of creating life, though it’s full of other factions to contend with, none of them purely good or bad.

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By asm3a