Witcher remake studio boss says it’ll remake what’s ‘bad, outdated, or unnecessarily convoluted’ without naming the sex baseball cards we all know he’s talking about

The Witcher 1 is rough, gangly, utterly idiosyncratic, and fine as it is, if you ask me. Nevertheless, it’s due an open-world remake courtesy of the devs over at Fool’s Theory, and it sounds like they aren’t squeamish about updating some of the, ah, more awkward parts of CDPR’s original 2007 classic.

In a chat with Edge magazine (via GamesRadar), Fool’s Theory CEO Jakub Rokosz said that he’s always “wanted a chance to give [The Witcher 1] the justice it deserved,” and that means being clearsighted about the various ways Geralt’s original videogame adventure falls down.

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By asm3a